We are a top-class provider of CNC milling operations, CNC lathe operations as well as welding and fabrication. We specialize in making your parts no matter the source.

We welcome all types of jobs starting with one-off custom parts to assembly jobs that are required monthly/quarterly/yearly and so on. We are here to make our customers succeed with a process that best suits their needs.

Our reputation is built on quality products, close tolerances, on-time deliveries, competitive prices and high customer satisfaction. It is our commitment to have customers chose INI over our local competitors.

We accept all forms of prints, whether they are in computer form (CAD) or hand drawn. Need to fix a broken part? Simply grab the pieces and bring them down to the shop and we can repair your product.

Have a job for INI? Give us a call, send our office an email or stop by for a personal visit at our shop in East Moline, Illinois.

CNC Machines

You can count on INI for your CNC machining needs. Our CNC machining capabilities include Lathes, Mills and Routers. We are equipped to handle assorted volume runs, without compromising speed and quality.
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CNC Routers

CNC router services are available at our shop in East Moline. Our CNC routers can cut many different materials, wood, hardwoods, aluminum, acrylic, sign foam, corian, and much more.
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We offer quick, precise and cost-effective welding services. Our professional welders offer a full range steel, stainless steel and aluminum welding services.
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Saw Cutting

INI Machining is equipped with two horizontal saws and one vertical saw. We can cut any metal or plastic, while providing quick turn-around times. We also stock a wide variety of materials and sizes.
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Manual Machines

We provide full service manual machining services for both repair and small production runs. Our manual machines include a 20″ x 80″ Engine Lathe and a 9″ x 49″ Hand Mill.
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